Mother’s Day isn’t the only day in May that we celebrate those individuals who nurture and develop children. Child care providers also deserve recognition, which is why today is National Provider Appreciation Day.

Workforce Solutions Capital Area provides scholarships for child care for eligible low- to moderate-income families in Travis County while parents can find work or complete training to support their families.

  • In 2022, we contracted with 341 providers in Travis County to provide quality, nurturing care to 5,470 children.
  • $6,326: that’s the average annual wage increase of parents who received child care assistance.
  • 271 early childhood professionals received wage supplements to help them continue to work in a field where wages are not commensurate with other skilled positions.

Our services related to child care are not just for Austin’s parents, however, but child care providers as well.

To celebrate the providers caring for Austin’s children—our community’s future workforce—we’re joining the national observance of National Provider Appreciation Day!

  • This event began in 1996 with a single group of volunteers in New Jersey.
  • The drive to recognize the dedicated efforts of child care providers has grown year by year, and today Provider Appreciation Day is a national event.

We understand the value that child care providers create for their community. By guiding the growth and development of children today, they help positively shape our community tomorrow.

As part of our commitment to quality child care, Workforce Solutions Child Care Services offers quality rated programs, quality initiative activities and other community resources to child care providers who strive for quality.

One of our largest offerings is the annual Child Care Symposium. This two-day event features keynote speakers and workshops to inform and inspire the leadership of our community’s child care providers and provide professional development opportunities for staff.

The 2022 symposium was held August 5 – 6 with 319 early learning professionals in attendance.

  • The speakers and workshops motivated participants to strengthen their centers’ programs for the benefit of staff and children alike.

To support our providers, we partnered with Austin Public Health to host curbside pickup events for providers to receive cleaning supplies and at-home testing kits. At our last event in December 2022, we distributed 20 pallets’ worth of supplies to 134 providers.

Use the hashtag #ProviderAppreciationDay on social media to follow the Provider Appreciation Day momentum. How will you celebrate? Tell us in a comment below!

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