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The Workforce Solutions Capital Area Business Solutions Team are the experts in helping your company hire, train, and retain skilled workers.

Hire & Recruit

Train & Retain

Layoff & Outplacement

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Hire & Recruit

  • We can directly connect you with local job seekers and talent
  • Get full support with the state hiring system,, including assistance with writing, reviewing, and posting jobs
  • Participate in WFS virtual and in-person job fairs to find qualified and emerging talent and promote your careers through webinars, teacher externships, videos, and more

Train & Retain

  • We can help employers get the skilled workers they need by funding hands-on work experience and apprenticeships for eligible career seekers
  • Subsidized employment and on-the-job training can help employees secure the skills for your in-demand roles.
  • Increase retention by filling your middle- and upper-level positions with upskilled workers trained in your company culture

Layoff & Outplacement

  • We can help you navigate the layoff process and provide re-employment assistance to your staff

  • With sufficient outplacement planning, you can offer employees support in continuing their careers which can also bolster the confidence of your remaining workforce

  • We can assist with early interventions to help with averting layoffs when possible

Additional Resources

Workforce Solutions is proud to partner with the following education and training providers:

Hire Local Plan

The Hire Local Plan’s goal is to help Austin improve affordability by improving economically disadvantaged residents’ access to better economic opportunities. We do this in four ways: raising awareness of these opportunities, enrolling residents in skills training, placing them in higher-paying jobs, and upskilling underemployed workers. By better preparing local workers for in-demand jobs, companies can fill their roles at a lower cost and the community can see economic benefits as a result. Learn more.

  • Join an Industry Sector Partnership (coming soon!)
Industry Sector Partnerships

Industry Sector Partnerships are a proven and employer-led workforce development strategy. With employers leading the conversation, companies across the U.S. have seen positive impacts on company growth and retention. Industry-specific executives within the Austin labor market work together to influence alignment around common solutions with awareness, training, hiring, and upskilling. Inquire about joining in our partnerships.

Reports & Insights

Find labor market data, policy reports, strategic plan evaluation, and more in our Reports & Insights page.

COVID-19 Resources
Find additional COVID-19 resources for employers here.

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