For Parents

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions for a parent to make.


For Parents

How Do I Apply for Subsidized Child Care?

Workforce Solutions Capital Area Child Care Services provide subsidized childcare assistance to eligible low- to moderate-income families in Travis County.

Enrollment in the childcare program is subject to the availability of funds. Because the need for childcare services is great in our community, we currently maintain a list of families interested in enrolling in the childcare program. When enrollment into the program is not immediately available, we ask eligible parents to complete a pre-assessment form to be added to the interested list. At any time, parents may call our office to check on the status of enrollment.

Learn more about the waitlist process by reading A Guide to Our Waitlist Process (in Spanish).

Am I Eligible?
  • Are you a resident of Travis County?
  • Are you

a) a single parent working or in training/school at least 25 hours per week? OR

b) a two parent household with both parents working or in training/school a combination of at least 50 hours per week?

  • Is your gross monthly/yearly income at or below the amounts listed on the chart by family size?

*Tip: Family size includes parents and all children in the household

Family Size Maximum Monthly Maximum Yearly
2 $ 3,775 $ 45,301
3 $ 4,663 $ 55,960
4 $ 5,552 $ 66,619
5 $ 6,440 $ 77,278
6 $ 7,328 $ 87,937
7 $ 7,495 $ 89,935
8 $ 7,661 $ 91,934
9 $ 7,828 $ 93,932
10 $ 7,994 $ 95,931
Application Process
If you answered yes to the eligibility questions, you can request to be added to the child care services waitlist in one of the five following ways:

Interested parents can also request additional information by contacting:
Workforce Solutions Child Care Services
9001 N IH 35, Suite 110C
Austin, TX 78753
Phone: 512.597.7191

How Do I Choose a Childcare Provider?

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions for a parent to make. There are a lot of things to consider. The Parents Rights and Responsibilities Brochure is a great starting resource for parents and guardians.

How Do I Choose a Childcare Provider?
Parents participating in our childcare services program have the freedom to choose a provider that meets the needs of their family.

Contracted Provider Lists

We offer parents a list of more than 400 childcare providers that are currently contracted with our program, including more than 100 providers who are participating in the Texas Rising Star program, a voluntary program for providers committed to offering quality child care. These providers are listed on the TRS-Specific Provider lists as well as the general Provider lists. Each list offers additional information about child care providers and quality programs.

Where are the Childcare Providers? – Mapping Childcare Center Locations

WFS Capital Area has created a map of the childcare providers that are currently contracted with our program. If the location of a childcare provider is important to you, check out the WFS Capital Area WFS Capital Area Childcare Providers Map.

Relative Care

If you are unable to find a suitable provider from our contracted provider lists, parents can self-arrange child care with a relative as well.

To qualify for funded child care, the relative care provider must meet certain eligibility requirements:

  • Relatives providing care must be 18 years of age or older and must be a grandparent, great-grandparent, sibling of the child (sibling cannot live at the same residence as the child); or be an aunt or uncle of the child. For additional information, review the Relative Care brochure.
Tips on Choosing a Childcare Provider
Before visiting a childcare facility, it is helpful to identify basic family needs that you look for in a childcare program. These needs may include: location, hours of operation, and transportation services.

After selecting a childcare provider that meets your family’s needs, parents are urged to visit the program to learn first-hand if this is the right program for the child and family. Take the time to talk to the caregiver and ask questions about the children’s activities.

Things to Consider About Your Childcare Arrangement:

  • The children seem happy and relaxed
  • My child felt comfortable during the visit
  • The child care program accepts my child’s age group
  • The hours of operation fit my schedule
  • Transportation is available (if I need it)
  • Nutritional meals and snacks are provided
  • Activities are available for children of different age groups
  • There are enough staff members to care for the children
  • There are enough toys, books, paint, and games, and they are in good condition
  • The classrooms are nicely arranged to allow for active and quiet play
  • The staff is trained to care for children
  • Staff members are respectful to children, coworkers and parents
  • Fee arrangements are clear and precise
  • The facility is clean and safe
  • The program’s mission is appropriately focused on children
  • Parents are welcome and can visit without notice

View our Choosing a Childcare Provider Checklist.

What is High Quality Preschool?
The link below is from a series on Early Care and Education from National Public Radio (NPR). It shows what attributes a quality early childhood program needs in order to meet the needs of very young children. One of the primary concerns for parents is, “How do I make sure my child is ready for kindergarten?” There are many perspectives on how to accomplish this goal. One of the single best indicators for school readiness is the social and emotional readiness of your child. Is he/she able to get along with peers, follow simple instructions and talk openly about his/her feelings and what is needed in order to feel safe and calm?

The video below is an example of what early childhood programs should look like for all children. As a parent, a teacher and a community, we should expect nothing less than quality from ALL of the programs within our County. After all, this is the foundation that will shape your child for the rest of his/her life. Shouldn’t it be the best?

If you have additional questions and would like more information on how you can locate quality rated programs within Travis County, please see the Texas Rising Star (TRS) list on our website under “Tips on Choosing a Childcare Provider” or you may speak to a representative within our quality initiatives department by calling 512-597-7185 or via email at

Do You Offer Classes for Parents?

Parenting classes are free and open to current Workforce Solutions Capital Area CCS parents.

Parents who need technical assistance on becoming more familiar with WFS Capital Area CCS policies and procedures are particularly targeted and may be required to attend.

Unless required to attend, all parents must contact their caseworker in order to register.

Each class offers a baseline review of:

  • CCAA card swiping
  • CCS reporting requirements
  • Absence policy

Please note: No children are allowed at training workshops and participants must arrive on time. No entry will be allowed after 10 minutes of class starting.

In addition, all parenting classes highlight the importance of continuity of care and high-quality childcare. Child Development Specialist staff and Director Mentor staff rotate in leading the courses. Classes are currently offered once a month for one-hour duration.

Do I Have to Track My Child’s Attendance? (CCAA)

All parents receiving assistance through Workforce Solutions Capital Area Child Care Services are responsible for recording their child’s attendance at their provider’s site EACH DAY through the Child Care Attendance Card (CCAA) system.

Parents please note: Your CCAA card may have the wrong activation phone number.
Some CCAA cardholders may have recently received cards with activation stickers that direct the cardholder to call 800-997-2222. This activation number is incorrect. The correct CCAA card activation phone number is 866-960-6496.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

How to Use Your Child Care Attendance Card video

How Do to Track My Child’s Attendance?

Parents are required to use a swipe card to record attendance daily.

  • Parents must sign a Parent Agreement for the use of the Child Care Attendance Card.
  • Parents using a Licensed Child Care Center must use their card to swipe their children in and out of care each day.
  • Parents using relative providers or registered family homes must call 1-866-960-6496 and use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to record their child’s attendance daily.
  • Parents must use the attendance card to report attendance and absences.
  • All non-reported days (i.e. non-swipes) will be counted as an absence.
  • Parents may request up to three additional cards for anyone over 16 years of age who will be dropping off or picking up their children from care.
  • Parents must ensure the attendance card is not misused by secondary cardholders.
  • Parents must inform secondary cardholders of the responsibilities of using the attendance card.
  • Parents must ensure secondary cardholders comply with these responsibilities.
  • Parents must ensure the protection of attendance cards issued to them or secondary cardholders.
  • Parents must not designate the child care facility owner, director or relative care provider as a secondary cardholder.
  • Parents or secondary cardholders must not give the attendance card or the personal identification number (PIN) to another person, including the child care provider.
  • Parents must report to WFS Capital Area CCS instances in which their attempt to record attendance was denied or rejected and cannot be corrected at the provider site.

What Happens If I Do Not Track My Child’s Attendance?

If Parents do not report attendance or absences using the swipe card:

  • Not reporting attendance could result in an absence being counted for the days attendance was not recorded.
  • Failure to meet monthly attendance standards* may:

a. Result in suspension of care, at my option;

b. May result in a determination that a change in my work/training schedule has occurred and care may be ended.

  • If a child exceeds forty (40) total unexplained absences during their current 12-month eligibility period, then the child care services may be terminated. Also, the child is not eligible for the program for sixty (60) calendar days from the date services were terminated.
  • The provider may end a child’s enrollment with the provider if the child does not meet the provider’s established attendance policy.

*Monthly attendance standards for child care services which consist of fewer than: Five (5) consecutive absences during the month and/or Ten (10) total absences during the month.

Please contact your caseworker immediately to request a replacement card if you card is lost, stolen or damaged.

Click here to view the CCAA Parent FAQ.

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