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Help connect the community with our services using the information and messaging below.

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Referral & Co-Enrollment Process

Messaging Templates

Careers We Fund


Referral & Co-Enrollment Process

Step 1

Provide people information on Workforce Solutions using appropriate templates

Step 2

Referrer completes the referral tool (in-person/over the phone) on behalf of the person being referred.

Step 3

Workforce Solutions will follow up with the person within 3 business days

Messaging Template

To paste in Outlook without formatting issues: Copy the text > right click where you want to paste > Select “Merge Formatting” under “Paste Options”

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Recommended use: Prior to completing the referral tool (email, text, verbal). Best to make a quick connection to the general community, emphasizing funding opportunities through WFS.


Ready for a career change? We can help through our partnership with Workforce Solutions Capital Area, a nonprofit that connects local people to local jobs 


Workforce Solutions can provide the resources to: 


  • fund your education for in-demand jobs 
  • connect you to employment now  
  • support your additional needs with transportation, childcare, and more.


When is the best time to go over a few screening questions to get the process started with Workforce Solutions? I am free for a call [INSERT TIMES].

Training Provider Template

Recommended use: To introduce the referral tool as a follow-up, noting funding opportunities through WFS and documents needed.


Thank you for your interest in [ORG NAME]. We have a longstanding partnership with Workforce Solutions Capital Area, a nonprofit that connects local people to local jobs. Workforce Solutions can provide the resources to fund your education, connect you to employment, and even provide support with transportation, childcare, and more. 


We look forward to assisting you with enrollment in our [TRAINING TYPE] program. To help you through the process as quickly as possible, please gather the following documents as Workforce Solutions Capital Area will be contacting you in 2-3 business days to determine if you’re eligible.


  1. Proof of ID/DOB: Usually a driver’s license or state ID (Unexpired)
  2. Proof of Residency in City of Austin/Travis County: If living at an address different from what’s on DL/ID, please provide copy of most recent utility bill or active lease
  3. Proof of Right to Work: SS Card, US birth certificate, US Passport, or Work Authorization Card
  4. Selective Service registration (Males 18-24): Selective Service System letter/internet registration
  5. Proof of Family Income in last 30 days: paystubs, Unemployment Insurance Weekly Detail, award letters for SSI/SSDI, screenshots of gig-economy work. If married or partnered, please provide this information for them as well. Self-employment attestation, or a self-attestation of income if income documentation cannot be provided. If using self-attestation of income, applicant must sign an income disclosure statement and income eligibility must be redetermined every three months.


Thank you and we look forward to helping you advance your career! 

Careers We Fund

The Targeted Occupations Lists are used to guide the investment of workforce program funds for training. Workforce Solutions Capital Area regularly analyzes the regional labor market, looking for industry and occupational trends. Based on this analysis, we have identified In-Demand Industries, In-Demand Occupations and Targeted Occupations.


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