This Year Two report serves as a reminder of the success of the MCWP in the first two years of this multi-year project prior to unexpected impact of the pandemic, but it also affords an opportunity to think clearly through the mechanisms of change of the MCWP, to consider how and why the MCWP continues to expand by including additional training programs and colleges, the regional role of upskilling employees and why it fits so firmly within the scope of work of the MCWP, and to reflect on progress the MCWP has addressed in racial and ethnic disparities.

This report is organized into four sections. The first section describes the ongoing work of the implementation of the MCWP. The following section discusses the outcomes of the workforce system portion of the MCWP, first overall, by demographic characteristics, and then by agency. The next section discusses the role of upskilling in the region, its role in the MCWP, and outcomes for Year Two upskilling completers. The final section provides conclusions and recommendations, assessing the extent to whether set goals are being met while also thinking through the implications of meeting or not meeting these goals.

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