Information Technology and the associated technology workforce are primary economic drivers in the Austin region, with a foundation of large technology stalwarts, a healthy community of startups, and the accelerating need for technology workers across all industries. However, the region’s talent pipeline is not positioned to meet the need for technology workers over the long-term. For every one graduate of an IT or computer science program in the region, there are five openings in technology jobs. In addition, the current pool of tech workers is not diverse; 77 percent of tech workers in the Austin region are male and 64 percent are white. It is clear that the region needs a larger, more diverse tech talent pool to sustain the long-term growth prospects of this key economic driver.

To address this challenge, Austin’s employers of tech talent will need to come together with the region’s talent development partners to align and “right-size” the tech talent pipeline.

The structure for collaboration will be in the form of the Capital Area Technology Workforce Coalition (CATWC), which will be a coalition of civically-minded employers of tech talent.

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