Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WFS) is the leadership and governing body for the Austin-Travis County workforce system. We are responsible for the planning, oversight, and evaluation of workforce development activities in the Capital Area, which has one of the most booming job landscapes in the country right now.

So that Austin area businesses and organizations can better understand the local business climate — particularly industry growth and expansion — our new report offers a deep analysis of the region’s labor market to identify and understand our target industries. These are the top industries experiencing substantial growth with opportunities for higher earning potential.

Read the report to see who’s hiring, the competition for talent in fast-growing industries, and where to look for strategies to attract and retain that talent.

Click here to read the full report.

Grow your business through talent: Workforce Solutions is uniquely positioned to help employers of all industries directly connect with local job seekers and talent. We’re collaborative and can tailor services based on your company needs. Get started.

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