Patient’s Premier Choice

Summary of Initiative

The Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program provides funding assistance to qualifying employers to provide skills training to current full-time, permanent employees. Through federal funds and a match from the employer, a worker can receive training at no cost to them.

The Need

Patient’s Premier Choice (PPC), a pediatric home health care agency serving patients in the Austin metro area, sought to invest in growing the skills of their workforce by advancing employees’ careers and provide a greater quality of care to patients.

The Solution

PPC worked with Workforce Solutions and Austin Community College to train PPC’s Licensed Vocational Nurses:

  • Upskill into Registered Nurses: PPC employees took a two-year training, which results in a certification, with ACC.
  • Provide flexible schedules: PPC adjusted employees’ work schedules around their training to ensure they were never placed in a financial burden while learning.
  • Reach a younger generation of nurses: PPC’s participation in this program demonstrates the company’s commitment to investing in their nurses’ career progression.

Overcoming Challenges and Investing in Workforce

Growing the skill sets of employees is a valuable investment for businesses to ensure they have the qualified talent they need. Incumbent Worker Training helps overcome challenges to start upskilling.


Many of PCC’s employees are single parents. Offering a flexible training schedule to upskill improves the quality of life for employees and patients alike, while increasing wages for working nurses. For PPC, participating in this program ensures the company has a qualified workforce to meet growing demand and changes in the healthcare industry.

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Posted on

October 28, 2020