3.2. CONNECTIONS. Create opportunities for employers and students in entry-level and middle-class training programs to connect before program completion


  • Education & Training (Lead)
  • Industry Partnerships (Lead)
  • Policy & Systems Change (Support)
  • Backbone (Advisory)
  • Communications (Advisory)
  • Data & Evaluation (Advisory)

3.2.1. Promote work-based learning activities and earn-and-learn opportunities for students who have the skills and abilities that employers seek

  • Conduct outreach across partner networks to generate interest among strong candidates for earn-and-learn opportunities
  • Strengthen partnerships with career centers at key regional higher education institutions (public and private) to ensure their counselors are well informed of opportunities and the candidates that employers seek
  • Ensure that professors and instructors of programs relevant to earn-and-learn programs are familiar with opportunities that would support their students

3.2.2. Partner with career centers and career counselors to tailor activities and events that allow employers to identify promising talent, and provide education/training providers with opportunities to showcase their talent

  • Leverage awareness activities as part of Strategy 1: Awareness and Enrollment and add on networking activities, pitch contests, or experiential learning activities that could provide a platform for interaction between employer and prospective talent
  • Engage employer representatives as volunteers for practice interviews, resume review workshops, and guest speakers to expand early preview of prospective hires

3.2.3. Provide opportunities for employers to be integrally involved in training programs of interest to them (e.g., P-TECH, sponsorship of networking event, train-to-hire models)

  • As part of education and training inventory (see Strategy 2.2), identify opportunities for employers to become more involved in the programs as instructors, sponsors, or in specific modules or lessons
  • Distribute this information to interested employers and connect them with the relevant education and training providers

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