Workforce Solutions Capital Area Unsung Heroes recognize members of our team who do outstanding work behind the scenes. These folks help us drive our mission to support and connect local people to local jobs, but you may not see them when you visit our centers.

🏆 Our October Unsung Hero: Luis Salas, Business Liaison with our Business Solutions Team

🙌 What our team is saying about Luis:

  • “Since taking on the targeted industry sector (Manufacturing), Luis has become integral in our efforts to boost awareness, training, and job placement for that sector. He regularly volunteers with our community partner, ARMA, building our relationship with that valuable organization. He manages many aspects of the CPT program, most importantly, the placement of trainees with employers. He has learned key aspects of this industry, making him an excellent ambassador for our brand with manufacturing employers. All of this is in addition to his excellence as a Business Solutions Liaison, which requires him to interact with employers, field their WIT queries, write and post their jobs, and make sure they are provided with monthly LMI reports. He also presents and manages subsidized employment opportunities for our employers. He is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional, and I believe his contributions need to be recognized.”
  • “Luis Salas is constantly looking for new ways to engage Austin’s growing list of quality employers. He regularly attends and volunteers at industry events to stay up to date with current hiring needs and trends. He is courteous, professional, hard-working, and talented. We have received numerous kudos from the employers that he works with, and he is a continuous learner who will be successful no matter what obstacles he faces.”

Get to know Luis

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico but have lived most of my life in lower rio (McAllen, TX). Moving to Austin almost two years ago was one of the biggest and best decisions I have ever made. Ever since Lee chose me to work for his team, I have learned a lot and grew as person thanks to him and my fantastic colleagues.

Q: What does your ideal day in the Austin area look like…

A: An ideal day in the Austin area is waking up early to have breakfast at a downtown restaurant, going for a walk around Congress Street throughout the day and discovering shops I’ve never heard of, and going back home to watch movies since I am a homebody!

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A: Would you consider cereal to be a type of soup? If yes, then a hotdog is definitely a sandwich. You could even categorize spaghetti as a salad because the ingredients used to make spaghetti are tossed in some sort of dressing.

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