Workforce Solutions Capital Area Unsung Heroes recognize members of our team who do outstanding work behind the scenes. These folks help us drive our mission to support and connect local people to local jobs, but you may not see them when you visit our centers.

🏆 Our December Unsung Hero: Julie LeRoy, administrator for IT and Facilities at our career centers!

🙌 What our team is saying about Julie:

  • “Julie is often filling in gaps between the contractor and board. When the board needs something from the contractor and doesn’t know who to ask, Julie is the right person. When the contractor needs something from the board, Julie is the right person. Recently, she has been facilitating updates to an important report that the contractor uses to help UI clients get enrolled into WorkInTexas. The person responsible left the contractor, and Julie has taken responsibility for it. TWC only allows a small number of people at each board to access the necessary data, as of now this ability lies exclusively with board staff. Julie makes sure that the contractor staff is able to get the data they need. She is also facilitating the process to move responsibility for this report to the right contractor staff member. Being an intermediary can be frustrating for all parties involved, but Julie fulfills this role with tact and grace.”
  • “Julie is an invaluable member of the C2 team and coordinates key processes between the Career Center, Board and even child care teams. She is my first point of contact regarding facilities and coordination of services and updates to processes. Julie is always willing to help and is so accommodating, as well as thorough with follow up. In many ways, Julie is the glue that holds together processes that could easily fall through the cracks, such as compliance processes or reporting. She helps to ensure that customers are provided services timely, such as returning calls and assisting with customer flow in the centers. Julie is my go to resource when I am not quite sure what I need because I know she will figure out exactly where my request should go or who can handle because of her knowledge of the contractor roles and responsibilities. In short, Julie keeps us on task and in compliance and truly is the glue that holds things together between contractors and Board staff.”
  • “Julie is the glue behind the scenes, and she goes above and beyond to make sure the customers are getting their questions answered!”

Get to know Julie

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Indianapolis, IN

Q: Now that you’re no longer based in Austin, what does your ideal day in Ft. Myers look like…

A: Morning: trying to make sure that I work out do not have the center to keep my steps in check anymore. Afternoon: running errands with the top down to enjoy the sunny days. Evening: watching the sunset on the back lanai with a glass of wine.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A: My thoughts yes 😊

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