Workforce Solutions Capital Area Unsung Heroes recognize members of our team who do outstanding work behind the scenes. These folks help us drive our mission to support and connect local people to local jobs, but you may not see them when you visit our centers.

🏆 Our January Unsung Hero: Hillary Silvas, Continuous Improvement Manager for our career centers!

🙌 What our team is saying about Hillary:

  • “Hillary recently accepted a new position [as Continuous Improvement Manager] but that does not stop her from stopping by to check on the old team on a daily basis and continuing to lend a helping hand. If you need any help around here, she is definitely the go to person, always smiling and willing to help.”
  • “Hillary is a very talented leader and trainer. She has overseen [our RE:WorkNOW training program continuation (funded by City of Austin and Travis County)], training new career counselors, and doing quality assurance. She is committed to getting the work done and being helpful to her teammates.”
  • “Hillary goes above and beyond to help.”

Get to know Hillary

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: My hometown is the small little town of Sinton, Texas located right outside of Corpus Christi. The type of town where there is only one high school, comfortably. I moved to the Austin Area in March of 2020.

Q: What does your ideal day in Austin look like?

A: My favorite day of the week is Sunday, so my ideal Sunday would consist of starting out at the gym for a quick workout. Then grabbing breakfast from Nervous Charlie’s or Bird Bird Biscuit. You can then find me running around Austin shopping my little heart out in the form of records, local vendors, and clothing. Lastly, finishing out with a concert/show! I moved to Austin for the music; I have not been disappointed.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A: The definition of a sandwich is where one or two pieces of bread serve as the wrapper of food. The hot dog has at least 1 piece of “bread” wrapped around a piece of food. I would say the hot dog is a sandwich. However, would that potentially make a taco a sandwich? 🤔

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: I have been with Workforce Solutions Capital Area for almost three years, and I have had the pleasure of working alongside so many incredible individuals while serving our community through opportunity. I look forward to continuing to improve our systems and helping empower staff to do well in their roles through Continuous Improvement.

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