MoboTrex is a partner company that found success at two of our recent industry-focused job fairs. These events are an important service that Workforce Solutions Capital Area provides on a frequent basis. Last year, our Business Solutions Unit managed 71 job fairs, attended by 4,421 job seekers. These job seekers are provided with the opportunity to find potential jobs with local employers hiring for immediate openings. In addition to the benefits to job seekers, these fairs can also serve as a place where employers can network with one another to build new relationships.

The Need
When MoboTrex tabled at a manufacturing-focused job fair in winter 2023, their organization had a process technician opening that had been vacant for more than 2 months, since finding a qualified candidate for this role can be difficult in a competitive labor market. Process technicians require specific skills to help with implementing corrective actions on production lines, and they are also tasked with improving overall manufacturing processes.

The Solution
For all Targeted Industry job fairs, WFS Capital Area’s Business Solutions Team conducts targeted outreach. In addition to inviting the general public, the BSU identifies (through WIT, the UI Claimant List, LinkedIn) and invites individuals with experience in the selected industry, knowing they possess the skills necessary for attending employers.

Targeted Industry events are highly desirable to these customers, since they will find multiple employers in that customer’s field of interest, unlike a general job fair, which could have 30 employers, only one of which represents the targeted industry. During a quarterly manufacturing focused job fair at WFS Capital Area, MoboTrex identified a candidate who had extensive experience in similar manufacturing settings. After speaking to the candidate, MoboTrex quickly acted on scheduling an interview and hired them soon after.

Outcomes + Benefits
According to MoboTrex, the individual first started as a temporary employee and soon after transitioned into a permanent position after displaying excellent performance. The company advised that training the individual was simple because of the foundational knowledge they brought with them. Additionally, MoboTrex mentioned that the individual’s Spanish speaking ability helped numerous coworkers who were not fluent in English.

“We always look forward to attending the job fairs organized by WFS Capital Area,” said Josie Mancilla, Senior Human Resources Generalist.

During a more recent manufacturing job fair in February, MoboTrex once again found success in hiring a job seeker for an assembly position. MoboTrex noted that meeting with potential candidates in-person has been beneficial to having customers gain employment faster. Putting a face to the resume and building an initial rapport moves a candidate higher up on the candidate list.

Another exciting benefit of these industry events is the networking opportunities available to employers. At the same event at which they found their process technician, MoboTrex initiated conversations with other vendors and says that it is a great place to meet new companies.

“We get a chance to meet qualified candidates, understand what skills are out there and gives us a chance to mingle with other companies as well. We enjoy sharing with the participants information about our organization as well as trying to encourage them to continue seeking that job that is out there for them. To never give up. Also, it is a great opportunity to step out of the office for a few hours to see as well as feel a different perspective of what is going on in the job market,” Josie said.

Partnerships and Enabling Public Policies
Since our partnership in early 2021, MoboTrex has continuously participated in multiple job fairs and has utilized multiple recruiting services we offer such as posting 25 jobs on that ended up receiving a total of 72 staff-created referrals. MoboTrex is also in the process of potentially creating a subsidized employment opportunity for Workforce Solutions customers.

MoboTrex is building a skilled workforce with assistance from WFS Capital Area. We can help grow your business through talent. Our tailored solutions can assist your organization with awareness-raising, training, placement, and upskilling. Learn more about how we can assist your business.

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