Technology is a growing industry in the Austin area. As more tech employers grow their presence and develop their workforce here, WFS Capital Area will be helping to build connections and opportunities for tech businesses and workers to be more productive.

Leading our efforts is Jessica Camarillo, our new Director of Technology Partnerships! We posed six questions to Jessica to get to know her better.

Are you part of Austin’s tech scene? Contact Jessica to explore how you and WFS Capital Area can work together: 512.799.3709  |

Why did you apply for the Director of IT Partnerships role?

My passion is to support marginalized Austinites as they lead their families and communities out of poverty through ambition and dedicated work. With a projected 38,000 openings in the industry from 2021-2024, tech is full of opportunity for residents to gain life-changing employment.

I went from paycheck-to-paycheck to actively working toward creating generational wealth for my family thanks to my work in tech. I started my career in the industry almost three years ago as the Director of Marketing with the Austin Technology Council. In that role, I connected and built relationships with hundreds of tech leaders, never experiencing a dull moment with the group.

Knowing what the tech industry did for me and thoroughly enjoying the relationships I formed with tech leaders, I am eager to build a business-led program that will bridge the divide between businesses looking for amazing talent and the potential I see in traditionally disenfranchised Austinites. I can’t wait to connect with innovative leaders to build a diverse talent pipeline for years to come.

How was your first week at Workforce Solutions Capital Area?

My first week was fantastic. I really enjoyed meeting my new colleagues and am vigorously absorbing as much as I can to set a strong foundation for the program’s success. It’s like the first day of school! I’m a nerd and loved school.

Where are you from originally?

El Chuco! Or, in laymen’s terms: El Paso, Texas. Lower Valley ‘til I die.

Do you have any pets?

I have two perr-hijos (aka fur babies). Eleven, a two-year-old Lab mix, and Daxter, a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. There’s a lot of crazy energy at my house.

What new things have you added to your life during COVID?

I started dancing with Roy Lozano’s Ballet Folklorico group. I had to find something to get me out of the house and keep me sane. It’s been a great experience. Our next performance is in December at the Austin ISD Performance Arts Center. Come enjoy the show!

Post-COVID, what are you most excited to do?

I can’t wait to start up family get-togethers and birthday parties more regularly. Like everyone else, I have severe decision fatigue when it comes to events, so it would be nice to plan without pausing to think about all the steps we need to take to have a COVID-free good time.

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