Workforce Solutions Capital Area is the non-profit organization that serves to lead and govern the Austin/Travis County area workforce system. In this role, we are responsible for the planning, oversight, and evaluation of workforce development activities in the Capital Area. Simply put, we connect local people — youth and adults — to the most in-demand industries with quality jobs.

To help us bridge our region’s skills gap, we are excited to welcome Josh Crawford to our board of directors. Josh currently serves as Vice President and Director of Texas Aviation at Garver.

Get to know Josh in our Q&A below, and connect with him on LinkedIn to see his extensive experience in the mobility and infrastructure industry.

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas but Fayetteville, Arkansas is home.

Q: How is WFS a go-to resource for employers in Austin?

A: The WFS mission and that of Austin employers goes hand in hand: to build a prosperous and productive workforce within the region, and in turn, helping the community that we share thrive for decades to come. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that supports Austin employers by engaging the workforce in new ways.

Q: What is the value of connecting local people to local jobs?

A: I believe local people have a vested interested in seeing their community thrive. It takes all of us to help Austin be its very best, and a great place to start is connecting those who call Austin home to local jobs and crafting a regional workforce system.

Q: How does upskilling benefit your industry?

A: Like most industries, the engineering industry is everchanging. And to best serve our clients and communities, we as engineers should continuously pursue new skills and information. This constant pursuit allows us to develop the innovative infrastructure solutions – from the runways and highways we use every day to the water we drink – that will serve the places we call home for decades to come.

Q: How does your organization support growing Austin’s workforce from local programs and schools?

A: I’m proud to work for a firm that prioritizes professional development, and therefore, is investing in Austin’s workforce. Garver does this in a variety of ways, including offering professional development courses through our Learning and Development program and supporting employee networking through a program we developed called Garver Connect. Garver also encourages community and industry involvement through professional organizations. As a member of the Airport Consultants Council, Airports Council International, and the American Association of Airport Executives, I’ve experienced first-hand just how crucial these types of organizations are to Austin’s aviation industry and beyond.


Q: What does your ideal day in the Austin area look like?

A: An ideal day includes lunch at Maudie’s, and then head to the cinema (preferably Alamo Drafthouse), followed by going to bed early. But let’s be honest, having young kids makes this a fantasy.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A: Well….according to the definition of a sandwich, yes. But I refuse to call a hot dog a sandwich.

Q: Which famous person do you look up to, and why?

A: My faith is very important to me, and as such I look up to, and look to, Jesus.

Q: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

A: Hard work does pay off, but don’t try to predict when it will. Keep your head down, but don’t forget to glance up from time to time.

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