The Austin Metro Area Community Workforce Plan (CWP) lays out a common agenda and establishes a framework for collaboration to coordinate the efforts of the region’s workforce development organizations and educational institutions.

  • Vision: A more demand-driven workforce system that:
    1. effectively engages employers, community-based organizations, and educational institutions;
    2. empowers residents to more efficiently match employers’ skills needs; and
    3. successfully prepares economically disadvantaged residents for middle-skill jobs
  • Goal: To make Austin more affordable by improving economically disadvantaged residents’ access to better economic opportunities.
  • Objective: 10,000 residents living at or below 200% of poverty will secure middle-skill jobs by 2021

The implementation of strategies will take a sector-based approach, beginning with three of the Austin Metro Area’s key economic drivers: Healthcare, Information Technology, and Skilled Trades. As these three sectors represent some of the best middle-skill career opportunities for economically disadvantaged residents, outreach and engagement strategies will be targeted specifically to these sectors and integrated into overall plan implementation. At the same time, the systems change envisioned by the Master Plan will not be exclusive to these three industries. The plan’s implementation will enhance the supply-side alignment of the workforce system overall, to the benefit of all participating employers and residents.

The CWP lays out an ambitious agenda for collaboration and coordination to address one of the region’s most persistent challenges. Successful implementation of the plan will require the many organizations involved in the regional workforce system to come together around a common vision and goal.

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