A Focus on Healthcare Employers in the Austin Metro Area

The Austin Metro Area Master Community Workforce Plan, established in June 2017, outlined the current challenges with employer research and the upskilling initiatives for employees. In partnership with Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s ongoing study, LEAP Consulting (graduate business students from Concordia University – Texas) researched Austin-area healthcare employers in order to assist Workforce Solutions Capital Area specifically in learning more about other companies’ tuition reimbursement plans and the barriers to employee participation in these programs.

LEAP Consulting interviewed 10 employers, and developed a policy applicable to both tuition assistance program participants and employers who do not yet offer such programs, and is scalable for companies of varied size. The policy’s intention is to provide recommendations to employers which aid in effective program administration and to overcome tuition assistance usage barriers.

Research findings are reported in the form of a method overview, data findings, promising practices, and concise recommendations to employers.

Read the Tuition Assistance Utilization Study

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