Workforce Solutions Capital Area board chair Melanie Flowers will be joining Nepris, a rapidly growing education technology company, from Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) where she worked for 24 years in various leadership roles and was recently the Head of Technical Training. Melanie will take up the role of Vice President of Business Strategy and Corporate Partnerships at Nepris.

Melanie is actively involved in the community and continues her service as Chair of the Board of Directors for Workforce Solutions Capital Area per the board’s election cycle.

Melanie will also continue service as Chair of the Board of Directors for Skillpoint Alliance and as a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Committee for Austin Community College. She will continue her work to promote the advanced manufacturing industry and others in her new role.

“There’s a war for talent in the Austin region and businesses need strategies to attract and retain the next generation of talent,” said Melanie Flowers. “I’m excited to join Nepris and connect industry to the classroom. I’m also committed to continuing my service as Workforce Solutions’ board chair to help local job seekers and students find a path to financial stability and businesses prosper.”

Melanie joined Workforce Solutions Capital Area Board of Directors in early 2019 and has been involved in the Austin metro Community Workforce Plan’s creation and growth since its inception in 2017. She was promoted to Chair of the Board of Directors at Workforce Solutions in January 2020.

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