You remain eligible as long as the information given at the time of enrollment remains current. If the situation changes and you are not working or attending school the required 25 hours per week for a one parent family or 50 hours per week for a two parent family, you will not be eligible. You can receive a grace period of four weeks to find a new job or to increase your hours, but you must contact a child care representative to request one. You are allowed a maximum of 4 weeks per year (October – September) for job searching. If you begin to receive additional income from a raise, bonus, overtime, or other income such as child support, you must report those changes within 10 days for your eligibility in the program to be re-determined. If there are no changes, you will be sent a notice when it is time to re-evaluate your eligibility. Eligibility must be determined every twelve months or more often if needed.

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