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Yvonne and Will Baca.

Will and Yvonne Baca are the owners of William Baca Insurance, an independent agent with The Farmers Insurance Group. William Baca Insurance has been in business in Travis County since 2014, and many of the employees on the team were hired with assistance from Workforce Solutions Capital Area.

The agency has had 10 Subsidized Employment placements, and five of these became full-time roles at Will’s growing company. When hiring, Will always interviews applicants at Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s North Career Center.

Robert Doherty, a Business Solutions Representative at the North Career Center, has worked with Will since he began participating in the Subsidized Employment program in 2016.

“Will has been a friend to us. He keeps coming back and is always willing to try working with a new applicant,” said Robert.

Hiring locally is not William’s only goal—training and keeping Austin workers is also important. After qualified employees complete an internship and probationary period, William Baca Insurance will assist them with advancing within the company by providing them with the means to study and take the testing required to gain licensure to become a licensed insurance agent.

William Baca Insurance 001

Will Baca attending a hiring event.

“We give people a chance so they won’t feel like they are stuck. We pay for their license, and there is a shortage of licensed people in Austin,” said Will. “I tell them that having the license makes them more employable. We will help them to take the license test, and even retake it.”

“In the Subsidized Employment program, people with a good attitude and who are motivated know they can do well,” said Will.

As a veteran, William keeps a keen eye out for other veterans seeking career opportunities. William served in the U.S. Army for eight years, achieving the rank of staff sergeant, and appreciates the value and skills that veterans bring to the workforce.

“I was in military intelligence, and when I left the military I couldn’t get a job. Military intelligence doesn’t translate well into job descriptions,” Will said. “Veterans want to hone their skills and be sharp. In insurance, you must be analytical but also personable. With vets, they know how to overcome obstacles like this.”

Will and his team are dedicated to the Austin/Travis County community outside of the office, as well. William Baca Insurance supports many community organizations, including Thank America’s Teachers, Boys & Girls Clubs, the First Tee and more.

“I volunteer for the Financial Literacy Coalition of Texas as an adviser. I used to teach classes on financial literacy as a case manager. Now I am more knowledgeable and I want to pass that along to people,” Will said.

“When we reach the next level, we should give a hand to the people below us so they can rise up, too. I know that I have benefited in life from others treating me that way,” he said.

About Subsidized Employment
Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s Subsidized Employment program can reimburse participating employers 50% or more on straight-time wages for 8 weeks. The employment may be part time, less than 30 hours per week or full-time, up to 40 hours per week.

Visit Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s Employee Skills Training page to learn more.

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