On July 1, 2024, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will launch a new case management system for the Child Care Services (CCS) program—Texas Child Care Connections (TX3C). Below is more information about upcoming changes to policies and procedures resulting from the TX3C launch.

Transition Period

The system we use to manage parent and provider files will be unavailable starting at 6pm on Tuesday June 25 through June 30. There may be delays during the transition period in the following services:

  • Processing new provider agreements/updates
  • Payments
  • We may not be able to answer questions regarding parent eligibility until after June 30
  • Processing waitlist applications beginning June 14

New Statewide Application for Families

TX3C will include an online statewide application for parents who are applying to the Child Care Services (CCS) program. The application is web-based and mobile device–friendly. Be advised our local online waitlist application will be removed from our website on Monday June 17 and will be temporarily unavailable. The new Statewide application will be made available on our website on July 1. Workforce Solutions Capital Area CCS will continue to determine eligibility for CCS families, manage a waiting list, authorize services, and pay child care providers.

Improvements to Provider Payments

Beginning July 2024, providers will receive payment for authorized child care before care is provided (similar to private-paying families that pay tuition beforehand). Additional details regarding prospective payments:

  • Payments will cover two-week periods, Monday-Sunday; you will be paid for the days that a child has been authorized to attend your program at the beginning of each two-week payment period.
  • Payments for children enrolled during the 2nd week of the payment period will not be made in advance but will be paid on the next payment run, typically 1-3 weeks after service.
  • The first two-week payment period beginning July 1 will be transitional, and payments may not be issued until July 5.
  • The Texas Workforce Commission will issue a Statewide payment calendar. This calendar will detail each two-week payment period and the schedule for issuing provider payments for each cycle. We will share this calendar with you as soon as it is made available.
  • If you receive an overpayment for a child whose authorization changes or ends during a period for which payment has already been made, we will adjust a future payment(s) to recover the overpayment.
  • TX3C will determine each child’s age group based on the first day of the two-week billing cycle. In other words, if a child has a birthday that places them in the next age group, the change will not be applied until the beginning of the next pay period.
  • TX3C will base the prospective payment on the provider’s location (Board area), rather than the child’s residence. The change will ensure that payments reflect the market rates and costs where the provider operates. In other words, child care providers in Travis County managed by Workforce Solutions Capital Area will be reimbursed based on Capital Area Board’s rates. This applies even if the child is referred by neighboring Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Board.

Parent Share of Cost

To align with the new two-week payment schedule, Parent Share of Cost (PSoC) will be recalculated to weekly fees. We will inform you of each family’s weekly PSoC amount, which will be converted from their current monthly rate, in the coming weeks.

Because the PSoC will appear as weekly deductions on your statement, collecting fees on a weekly or bi-weekly interval will help ensure your payments are accurate. This change will also affect our local non-pay reporting requirements that allow providers to be reimbursed for unpaid PSoC, when reported timely. We will notify you of the new reporting procedures in the coming weeks.

Child Attendance

CCS staff will use the new time and attendance features in TX3C to monitor attendance. In accordance with your agreement, you must ensure that parents record attendance directly in TX3C or through an approved child care management system (CMS) that uploads CCS attendance data to TX3C. Additionally, please make sure the new attendance system or CMS is accessible to parents so they can record attendance. More information about the attendance tracking system is available at https://tx3c.info.

Your payments are not affected by a child’s occasional absences—payment is based on the child care authorized. However, a child’s eligibility may be affected if they are not consistently attending.

Absence tracking will resume on July 1 and children with more than 40 total unexplained absences in a 12-month eligibility period risk the loss of their child care scholarship. Unexplained absences may include:

  • Absence that is not due to a child’s documented chronic illness or disability, or to a court-ordered custody or visitation agreement; or
  • Attendance not recorded by parent that cannot be explained, except if the attendance reporting system is not available through no fault of the parent or provider.

Child Transfers

Effective July 1, voluntary transfers of children between child care providers are not permitted until the start of the second pay period following the parent request, approximately 3-4 weeks after the request was submitted. Limited number of exceptions may be approved for reasons like valid health and safety concerns, court-ordered visitation, etc. Additional guidance will be forthcoming.

Expanded Age Groups

A new state law requires TWC to match age groups for provider payments with Child Care Regulation age groups and TX3C will support this change. You will be able to designate rates for more age groups, as demonstrated in the following table.

Rate Groups before July 1, 2024New Rate Groups effective July 1, 2024
Infant: 0–17 monthsInfant-0: 0–11 months
Infant-1: 12–17 months
Toddler: 18 months–2 yearsToddler-1: 18–23 months
Toddler-2: 2 years
Preschool: 3–5 yearsPreschool-3: 3 years
Preschool-4: 4 years
Preschool-5: 5 years
School Age: 6–*12 yearsSchool Age: 6–*12 years
(no changes for this age group)
*Eligible child with disabilities may be served up until the age of 19

Please wait to initiate any changes to your rate agreement. We will request updated rates from providers in the coming months and will ensure all rate addendums are completed by the TWC deadline of October 1.

Stay up to date on the progress of this change by visiting our website at wfscapitalarea.com. CCS families have also been notified of these upcoming changes. To see a copy of the parent notification and learn more about the changes unique to families, please click here. If you have questions, you can contact us by e-mail at ccsproviderservices@wfscapitalarea.com or by phone at 512-597-7191, option 4.

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