Our CEO Tamara Atkinson was honored with the most prestigious award at the 9th Annual Woman’s Way Business Awards, presented by Austin Woman Magazine.

The award was judged not only on Tamara’s leadership over her career but also how she, with direction from our board members, have created a company with staying power and a plan to grow in the coming years. These milestones include:

  • Launching the Hire Local Plan to: 1) increase skilled local talent while better defining the region’s capacity for training, 2) improve income for locals by creating an affordability index, and 3) grow payrolls for local businesses.
  • Launching the Workforce Mobility Industry Sector Partnership (alongside Mayor Watson, Travis County Judge Brown and partners ATP and CapMetro) to supercharge the co-creation of an action plan to bring thousands more residents into mobility and infrastructure jobs in our region for the foreseeable future.
  • Leveraging our proprietary boots on the ground intel and data-driven approach to analyzing how our region is growing, what workforce is needed to support that growth and how to bridge those gaps.

At a time of disruption and opportunity in workforce development, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, through Tamara’s leadership, are raising awareness of key industries, connecting students to post-secondary education, and training local workers for career advancement.

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