Harry Johnson - PhotoWhat do you do when it truly feels the odds are stacked against you? If you are like Harry Johnson III, you’ll find a way to level the playing field.

After stepping up to help his family deal with financial woes, health concerns and the passing of his father, Harry was hit with a tough reality. He had been so focused on fixing ‘things” that he hadn’t been able to focus on putting the pieces back together for himself. His primary goal was to find employment.

“I found I had little to no resources of my own left,” says Harry. “Consequently, I had to go on food stamps, but in the end the end I’m glad I did, because it helped me in achieving my main goal of being employed once again.”

After enrolling in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Harry joined the SNAP Employment and Training program with Workforce Solutions Capital Area. As a part of SNAP E&T, he was able to take advantage of workshops, intensive job search assistance and other support services.

“The first time I came into a center, I was overwhelmed but hopeful,” says Harry. “But the services offered [at Workforce Solutions] are absolutely top-notch. I say with all sincerity that I have never met another group of people who were as helpful with my case as your staff.”

Harry continues, “My program director, Amy Howard, did a superlative job of ensuring that I had the necessary resources at hand to accomplish my goal of reemployment. Her work definitely made my effort much more efficient.”

“Harry did a phenomenal job of utilizing all of the resources available to him,” says Amy Howard. “Up until his employment, Harry was at the Workforce Center nearly every day perfecting his resume, improving his job search strategies and developing his interview skills.”

Within three months of participation in the SNAP E&T program, Harry found full-time employment and is well on his way of redefining success.

“I know Harry will go far in his career,” says Amy. “In his first two months on the job he far exceeded his established sales goal making him a highly valued asset to his company. In addition, Harry has great interpersonal skills. He is a friendly person with a bright future.”

Harry’s advice for people in similar situations: “Don’t be intimidated. Get your resume out there. Applying got me my interview.”

About the SNAP E&T Program

SNAP E&T is a no-cost employment program designed to give SNAP (food stamp) recipients the assistance and support they need to find a job. Based on available funding, SNAP E&T can provide:

  • Job search assistance including job referrals
  • Support services such as transportation assistance, crisis and work-related expenses
  • Job skills assessment
  • Career counseling and planning
  • Training in basic and occupational skills
  • Work experience
  • Referrals to other community services

The SNAP E&T program is only available to SNAP (food stamp) recipients. Eligibility for SNAP is determined by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).  For more information about the SNAP (food stamp) program including eligibility requirements and how you can apply, please visit the HHSC website.

If you are a current SNAP (food stamp) recipient and want to learn more about SNAP E&T, please visit www.wfscapitalarea.com.

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