The team from Workforce Solutions Capital Area participated in the Dress for Success: Community Connect event on Feb. 21. This wasn’t just a visit to the boutique; it was also an opportunity to network with other community partners.

The experience was truly enlightening. Participants had the chance to meet and engage with community liaisons from diverse organizations, each offering unique resources and services.

  • The organizations present included American Youthworks, Caritas of Austin, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, the Excel Center, the Kind Clinic, Trinity Center, CyberTex Institute of Technology, Con Mi Madre, Foundation Communities, Peloton U, SAFE Alliance, and Real Queens.

The event underscored the power of collaboration. It was a testament to how our collective efforts can unlock numerous opportunities for individuals, paving their way towards stability. The event was a resounding success, and we look forward to fostering these collaborative relationships in the future.

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