Workforce Solutions Capital Area, through its dedicated Business Consultant in the Manufacturing Industry, has forged a strong partnership with ABC Copy Co, a well-established Travis County manufacturer. This collaboration has led to ABC Copy Co joining the Subsidized Employment (SE) program, which aims to connect employers with skilled job seekers while providing financial support to participating businesses. The initiative focuses on filling critical positions at ABC Copy Co, particularly in the customer service department.

The Need
ABC Copy Co, like many small local businesses, faced challenges in finding qualified candidates to fill three entry-level positions in their customer service department. As a company with a strong commitment to serving the Austin community, ABC Copy Co sought to hire individuals who shared their values of hard work, creativity, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

However, the competitive job market and limited resources made it difficult for them to attract and retain the right talent. Recognizing the need for assistance, ABC Copy Co reached out to WFS Capital Area for support in finding suitable candidates.

The Solution
Our Business Consultant, specializing in the Manufacturing Industry, worked closely with ABC Copy Co to understand their specific hiring needs and requirements. Through a comprehensive screening and matching process, the consultant identified James R. as an ideal candidate for the General Production Helper position. James, a Travis County resident and job seeker, possessed the necessary skills, experience, and work ethic to excel in this role.

To support both ABC Copy Co and James, Workforce Solutions Capital Area enrolled the company in the Subsidized Employment (SE) program. This program offers a 12-week internship, during which the employer receives financial subsidies to offset the costs of hiring and training new employees. James officially started his full-time (40 hours per week) SE Internship as a General Production Helper at ABC Copy Co on June 10, 2024, with an anticipated end date of August 30, 2024.

Outcomes + Benefits
The partnership between Workforce Solutions Capital Area and ABC Copy Co has yielded significant benefits. ABC Copy Co gained a valuable team member in James, who quickly adapted to his role and contributed to the company’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

The financial support provided through the SE program alleviated some of the financial burdens associated with hiring and training new employees, allowing ABC Copy Co to focus on growing their business and serving their customers. This successful collaboration demonstrates the positive impact that Workforce Solutions Capital Area can have on the local community.

By connecting employers with skilled job seekers and providing financial support through programs like Subsidized Employment, Workforce Solutions Capital Area contributes to the economic growth and stability of Travis County. Small local businesses, such as ABC Copy Co, benefit from access to a pool of qualified candidates and financial assistance, while residents, like James, gain opportunities for employment and professional development.

As the partnership between Workforce Solutions Capital Area and ABC Copy Co continues to thrive, it serves as a shining example of how targeted initiatives, collaborative efforts, and innovative programs can bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, fostering a stronger and more resilient workforce in Travis County.

Partnerships and Enabling Public Policies
The success story of ABC Copy Co and James R. highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and enabling public policies in creating a thriving workforce ecosystem in Travis County. Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s collaboration with local businesses, such as ABC Copy Co, demonstrates the power of public-private partnerships in addressing the unique challenges faced by employers and job seekers.

Workforce Solutions Capital Area’s Business Consultant played a crucial role in facilitating this partnership by understanding ABC Copy Co’s specific needs and matching them with a qualified candidate. This personalized approach showcases the importance of having dedicated professionals who can bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Furthermore, the Subsidized Employment (SE) program, which provided financial support to ABC Copy Co for hiring James R., is a testament to the effectiveness of enabling public policies. This program recognizes the financial challenges that small local businesses often face when hiring and training new employees. By offering subsidies, the SE program encourages employers to take on new hires, creating opportunities for job seekers who might otherwise struggle to find employment. The success of the SE program in this case underscores the need for continued investment in similar initiatives.

Our partnership with ABC Copy Co highlights the importance of fostering collaboration between workforce boards and private businesses. By working together, these entities can identify and address the specific challenges faced by different industries and communities. This collaboration can lead to the development of targeted solutions, such as customized training programs, job fairs, and mentorship opportunities, which can help bridge the skills gap and prepare job seekers for the demands of the modern workforce.

Our tailored solutions at various levels of support can assist your business with awareness-raising, training, placement, and upskilling. Learn more and contact us to begin.

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