On July 1, 2024, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will launch a new case management system for the Child Care Services (CCS) program—Texas Child Care Connections (TX3C). We will provide more information on how you access the new system within the next month. Workforce Solutions Capital Area CCS will continue to manage your CCS case, determine eligibility, and manage the local waiting list. Below is more information about upcoming changes to policies and procedures resulting from the TX3C launch.

Transition Period

The system we use to manage your case will be unavailable starting at 6pm on Tuesday June 25 through Sunday June 30. There may be some delays in the following services:

  • We may not be able to answer questions about your case until after June 30.
  • If your eligibility is due to be recertified around the suspension period, please make every effort to submit all your eligibility documents by June 20.
  • Please submit any summer or back-to-school changes by June 20. This will help us to complete your case changes without delay.
  • TX3C is scheduled to launch on July 1. Some services may be slower than usual as staff learn about the new system.

New Statewide Online Application for Families

TX3C will include an online statewide application for parents. This application will be used to apply for our waitlist or when recertifying for a new eligibility period in the CCS program. Our local online waitlist application will be removed starting Monday, June 17 and will remain temporarily unavailable. The new Statewide application will be made available on our website on July 1 and feature the following:

  • A new statewide application for families
  • Easy-to-use and works with mobile devices
  • A common user experience for all Texans

Absence Tracking

Absence tracking will resume on July 1, and you will be responsible for complying with TWC’s attendance standards. Children with over 40 total unexplained absences in a 12-month eligibility period risk losing their scholarship. You are required to report your child’s attendance using the attendance reporting system located at your provider’s location or through the mobile app (if available for your provider).

Unexplained absences may include:

  • Absence that is not due to a child’s documented chronic illness or disability, or to a court-ordered custody or visitation agreement; or
  • Attendance not recorded by parent that cannot be explained, except if the attendance reporting system is not available through no fault of the parent or provider.

Absences due to a child’s documented chronic illness, disability, court-ordered visitation are not counted in the number of unexplained absences. Documentation must be submitted to support these types of absences.

Parent Share of Cost (PSoC)

Change to Weekly Rate

Effective July 1, your Parent Share of Cost (PSoC), also known as your parent fee, will be calculated on a per week basis. In the coming weeks, we will share the specific amount of your weekly fee. Your weekly fee will be calculated from your current monthly fee, ensuring that your total cost does not go up. Although CCS will be assigning you a weekly fee, please talk to your child care provider to determine how often they want to collect your fee.

New Calculation

TWC has approved a new way to calculate your Parent Share of Cost (PSoC). Your current PSoC will remain the same unless you report a change in income or family size. We will use the new calculation beginning with your next eligibility period. You may request a review of your PSoC before your recertification if you have experienced a change in income, family size, or have an extenuating financial situation.

What’s changing?

  • The new sliding fee scale for PSoC will be statewide.
  • If you relocate to another area of the state and transfer your care, your PSoC will remain the same.
  • The new scale will also have more gradual increases for families with rising incomes.

Child Transfers

Starting July 1, child transfer requests will start at the second pay period following your request, approximately 3-4weeks after the request was submitted. A limited number of exceptions may be approved to transfer your child before the start of the second pay period for reasons like valid health and safety concerns, court-ordered visitation, etc.

To stay up to date on the progress of these changes, please visit our website at www.wfscapitalarea.com. If you have questions, you can contact us by e-mail at austinccs@wfscapitalarea.com or by phone at 512-597-7191.

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