Do You Offer Additional Services?

Yes. WFS Capital Area offers employers the information you may need to make critical decisions for your business, including Labor Market Information and Tax Credit Consulting. For more information on these services, please click here.

Do You Offer Layoff Assistance?

Yes. If you are an employer facing layoffs and company closures, WFS Capital Area can offer you and your employees’ transition and re-employment services at no cost. For more information on these services, please click here.

Can You Help Me Train Employees?

Yes. WFS Capital Area can help you secure funds for employee training. Available programs include: On-the-Job Training, Subsidized Employment / Work Experience, the Skills Development Fund, Skills for Small Business, and the Self-Sufficiency Fund. For more information...

Can You Help Me Find Qualified Candidates?

Yes. WFS Capital Area Business Solutions can assist with your hiring needs. We provide free job postings, recruiting, screening and the referral of job seekers (including veterans) to open positions through WorkInTexas (WIT). We also provide hiring events and...