Focus Areas

Severe Shortage Careers

There are three key severe shortage careers CTHP is currently working towards addressing. CTHP has implemented initiatives such as apprenticeships, upskilling, and recruitment to help address the shortages in these occupation opportunities.

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Nursing has always been the largest severe shortage career in healthcare. With the COVID-19 outbreak, that shortage has grown exponentially. CTHP is working with both industry and education to address this shortage. Learn more about CTHP’s nursing initiatives.

Medical Assistants

Medical Assistants (MA) are a profession in the Austin area in high demand and that number is only increasing. MAs are expected to see a 3.4% growth in the coming years and are critical to help alleviate healthcare shortages specifically in the clinic setting. CTHP is developing training programs to ensure talent is available for these hard-to-fill roles.

Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician (PCT) is a fairly new certification and taken over the roll of Nursing Aid in the hospital setting. PCTs are expected to see a 2.5% growth in the coming years and are critical to help alleviate healthcare shortages specifically in hospitals. To help address this growing need, CTHP is developing training programs to ensure talent is available for these hard-to-fill roles.

Surgical Technologists

There is a growing need for Surgical Technologists in the Austin region. To address the shortage, CTHP: 1) combined efforts to increase clinical opportunities so that education partners can increase enrollment, 2) created the Surgical Tech Workgroup, and 3) is conducting outreach efforts to increase awareness about career opportunities in Surgical Technology.

Radiology Technologist

Austin has seen an increase in demand for Radiology Technologists (rad techs) in the past three years. With outpatient surgery centers, stand-alone emergency rooms, and local clinics hiring rad techs the demand is growing at a rapid rate. CTHP has created a Rad Tech Workgroup to address the shortages and develop career pathway opportunities for this occupation. Hospital partners are currently working to increase opportunities to grow capacity. CTHP is also working to provide apprenticeship opportunities in Specialty Imaging Pathways.

Respiratory Therapist

During the pandemic, the need for Respiratory Therapists (RTs) became apparent to the Austin community. Since the discovery of COVID-19, the need for RTs has grown at an increased rate with the need for additional trained RTs in the region. CTHP is working with local education partners to increase acceptance numbers in order to meet industry need and provide quality care to the Austin region.


Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where companies can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, related classroom instruction, and a nationally recognized, portable credential. Workforce Solutions can help you join an existing apprenticeship or develop your own. Schedule a meeting to determine the best option for your company and get connected to a new talent pipeline. Learn more. 

Upskilling Consultation

Upskilling is assisting incumbent workers in acquiring skills to advance into middle-skill jobs, particularly those in high demand for their employers. 

Upskilling looks like: 

  • providing your employees with tuition assistance 
  • offering onsite training to build their skill sets and their value to your company 
  • sponsoring an apprenticeship that allows employees to earn while they learn and skill up for your high-demand roles. 

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Check out our free upskilling toolkit. 

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