Focus Areas

Clinical Placements

Central Texas Healthcare Partnership offers subscription services to our Clinical Placement Software System. Current services are for nursing, surgical tech, and EMS students participating in clinical rotations. CTHP is constantly working to maximize clinical placement space in order to grow healthcare programs in the greater Austin area. 

Currently, CTHP provides over 18,000 clinical rotations each year for students at 11 different colleges and universities. In 2021 the CTHP helped facilitate over 830,000 clinical placement hours in Central Texas.

Rotation to Hire

CTHP works with industry partners offering clinical placement services to utilize their placements as a recruitment tool in order to help fill vacancies within their organization. Many times, clinical placement coordinators do not collaborate with Human Resource departments to offer positions to students trained in their facilities. CTHP has created a process for this opportunity within our Clinical Placement System which is helping to retain talent trained here in Austin. 

Preceptor Module

To help better prepare volunteer preceptors to teach local nursing students, the CTHP Nursing Academic Practice Partnership Committee (NAPP) Workgroup compiles a resource guide to train preceptors. The module ensures local preceptors are better prepared to engage and guide students towards their objectives and helps to provide a more positive experience for both the preceptor and student.

Bridging the Gap

Texas Tech School of Nursing applied for and received a grant to study the gaps in knowledge between graduating nursing school and starting their job as a Registered Nurse. The study had many findings outlined by both industry, students, and graduates. With this new information, CTHP helped to sponsor the Bridging the Gaps education modules to help fill in information needed for recent graduates entering the workplace. Due to the success of the modules all nursing students participating in clinicals at Ascension and St. David’s are required to complete the first 4 modules before their rotation start date.

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