Upskilling provides a pathway for long-term economic growth for individuals, industry, and the region.  

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Whether you already upskill, or you want to add upskilling to your talent solutions toolkit, your company can be recognized for contributing to the regional goal.

Note: Your survey response is valuable, even if you are not upskilling.

What is Upskilling?

Upskilling is assisting incumbent workers in acquiring skills to advance into middle and upper-skill jobs, particularly those in high demand for the company.

Why is Upskilling Important?

Through upskilling, businesses are able to promote pre-vetted talent that are experienced in their company culture with the skills they need. Training incumbent workers for hard-to-fill jobs can often shorten recruitment and increase retention – saving companies the average $15,000 turnover costs per employee. Workforce Solutions Capital Area is working to provide assistance to local companies implementing upskilling.

What does upskilling look like?

Upskilling looks like, but is not limited to:

  • providing your employees with tuition assistance
  • offering onsite training to build their skillsets & their value to your company
  • sponsoring an apprenticeship that allows employees to earn while they learn and skill up for your high demand roles.

Why Should I Participate?

Be recognized as a company helping to rebuild Austin

With the impacts of COVID, it’s becoming more challenging for companies to hire, maintain, and develop their workforce. But for our local economy to thrive, Austin must hire local and grow their employees. By understanding the  landscape of existing upskilling efforts, we can demonstrate return on investment and advocate for additional funding to support your efforts.

By completing this survey, you’re helping to increase and improve community efforts to support and effect local change, while getting recognized as a cultivating place to work.

500×5 Employers & 2020 Upskilling HEROES

The Upskilling HEROES

Workforce Solutions Capital Area recognized these companies as Upskilling HEROES for building a higher-skilled workforce and more competitive economy through upskilling strategies.

Their decision to invest in upgrading the skills of their local workforce addresses critical hiring needs and skills gaps and creates a steady pipeline of pre-vetted talent. Proactively developing a workforce with the precise skills, credentials, and experience each business requires to fill critical positions advanced these businesses as an industry leaders in our region.

2021 Winners

Between these six companies, a total of 3,429 employees were upskilled, helping them upgrade their skill sets, earn higher wages while employed at the company, and remain competitive in the local workforce.

  • Greystar Real Estate Partners
  • Recover Or Sacrifice Everything (ROSE) Counseling Center
  • Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Seedlings Gardening
  • Total Care Provider
  • Wells Solar & Electrical Services

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2020 Winners

Collectively, these 5 companies are working towards advancing the skills of 145 employees and investing $413,541.15 to upskill their workforce.

  • American Youthworks
  • Arrive Logistics
  • Ascension Seton
  • Austin Western Railroad
  • Patient’s Premier Choice

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What to Gather Before Starting

You will be asked to provide the following data for Year Three (October 2019 through September 2020) and recommend you have the following information available prior to beginning the survey:

  • Total # of employees accessing employer sponsored education & training
  • The employees’ annual wages before and after completing sponsored education and training

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