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Resources + Research

Resources For Healthcare Leaders

This page contains a list of resources for healthcare leaders (and their community partners) interested in exploring lessons learned and promising practices from across the nation.

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Career Awareness, Exposure, and Counseling
Texas H.O.T. Jobs
The Texas H.O.T. Jobs website was developed by West Texas AHEC with a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The website provides information for students and workers seeking information about health career opportunities in Texas. http://texashotjobs.org/

Coaching for College and Career: A SkillWorks Toolkit
SkillWorks is a nationally recognized workforce funder collaborative and public/private partnership between the Boston Foundation, the City of Boston, launched in 2003 to improve workforce development in Boston and across the Commonwealth. This guide was created as “a source of inspiration for working with clients, a resource from which coaches can pull tools, exercises and worksheets; and a starting point for developing your own set of best coaching practices.” http://www.skill-works.org/documents/SkillWorksCoachingToolkit_WebOnly.pdf

Education and Training

Growing Tomorrow’s Nursing Workforce: New Paths to Professional Nursing
New Paths to Professional Nursing (NPPN), funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Jersey Health Initiatives program, demonstrates that it is possible to create a pipeline of nursing candidates who live in and resemble the communities they serve. https://www.jff.org/resources/growing-tomorrows-nursing-workforce-new-paths-professional-nursing/

Growing Their Own Skilled Workforces: Community Health Centers Benefit from Work-Based Learning for Frontline Employees
Four community health centers have partnered with education institutions and other community organizations to change the way frontline employees are trained, rewarded, and advanced. Growing Their Own details how these partnerships have developed career paths and made them easily available to frontline employees. https://www.jff.org/resources/growing-their-own-skilled-workforces-community-health-centers-benefit-work-based/

Human Resources Practices for Recruiting, Onboarding, Retaining, and Advancing Workers

Innovative Scheduling Practices for Workplace Stability: Cooperative Home Care Associates

Case Study: Effective Onboarding and Mentorship: Cooperative Home Care Associates

Investing in Entry-Level Talent: Retention Strategies that Work
This report from FSG highlights 4 evidence-based strategies for effective retention and advancement, backed by 14 practical suggestions for implementation as exhibited by companies like The Container Store, Verizon Wireless, Gap Inc., Wegmans Food Markets, and many others. This research was funded by Walmart for the benefit of nonprofits, workforce organizations, and employers.

The Resource Within: Today’s Employees Become Hospitals’ Workforce of the Future
To deliver more patient-centered care to an ever-increasing number of patients, hospitals must focus on the careers and skills development of all members of the existing workforce, not just doctors and other high-level professionals.

Growing Their Own Skilled Workforces: Community Health Centers Benefit from Work-Based Learning for Frontline Employees
Four community health centers have partnered with education institutions and other community organizations to change the way frontline employees are trained, rewarded, and advanced. Growing Their Own details how these partnerships have developed career paths and made them easily available to frontline employees.

Attracting and Retaining Talent: Frontline Workers in Long-Term Care
America’s aging population is raising the demand for long-term care. To meet the rising demand of this expanding costumer base, long-term care facilities must give direct care workers the tools to advance their careers.

Empowering and Engaging the Front Line: Union Health Center http://hitachifdn.nonprofitsoapbox.com/storage/documents/Union_Health_Center_Empower_Engage_Front_Line.pdf

Key Elements of Successful Tuition Assistance Programs: A New Model for Workforce Development
UpSkill America at the Aspen Institute and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) teamed to create that model by identifying Key Elements of Successful Tuition Assistance Programs. This new approach details seven essential components of a modernized tuition assistance program to help employers meet the need for an agile workforce of continuous learners.

UpSkilling Playbook for Employers
The UpSkilling Playbook for Employers is a new report, developed by UpSkill America at the Aspen Institute with support from the Walmart Foundation. It is designed to be a tool for employers interested in upskilling strategies, which are policies and practices used by employers to educate, train, and develop frontline workers. http://www.upskillamerica.org/resources/upskilling-playbook/

CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in Frontline Health Care Workers

Creating Career Pathways for Frontline Health Care Workers
Creating Career Pathways for Frontline Health Care Workers from Jobs for the Future focuses on promising practices implemented across the country that help frontline health care workers get the skills they need to provide quality care and build a sustainable career.

Measuring Impact and Return-on-Investment

Business Value Assessment Toolkit
This handbook from the Aspen Workforce Strategies Initiative has practical step-by-step guidelines for defining the services and outcomes to be evaluated, and for planning appropriate and practical assessment methods

Why Companies Invest in “Grow Your Own” Talent Development Models https://accn.wiche.edu/sites/files/documents/corpVoicesROI.pdf

In this report, Corporate Voices for Working Families investigates why some companies invest significantly in workforce readiness for their lower-skilled and entry-level workers. This report: 1. Documents examples of companies that are making these investments, and explores the business rationale for doing so; 2. Calculates the return on investment (ROI) that the firms derive as a result of their workforce readiness programs; and 3. Delineates the broader economic and social argument for employer engagement in workforce readiness programs.

Practice Transformation

Improving Access and Quality: The Role of Frontline Staff at Behavioral and Mental Health Careers
Many workers in the field are nearing retirement, while turnover is stubbornly high—as high as 90 percent each year by some estimates. Unless agencies can replace and retain skilled workers, fewer Americans struggling with mental health disorders and substance abuse will receive treatment. https://www.jff.org/resources/improving-access-and-quality-role-frontline-staff-behavioral-and-mental-health-careers/

Case Study: High Plains Community Health Center: Redesign Expands Medical Assistant Roles

Case Study: The Special Care Center: A Joint Venture to Address Chronic Disease

Case Study: Cabin Creek Health Systems: Medical Assistants Provide a Senior Medical Home

Building Career Ladders In The Age Of The Affordable Care Act: A Case Study Of Jersey City Medical Center/Barnabas Health

Connecting the Dots: A Case Study of Transforming Care and the Frontline Workforce at Unitypoint Health-Des Moines

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