American Graduate: Getting to Work

A Public Media Initiative from KLRU-TV, Austin PBS to Advance Education and Career Readiness

KLRU is telling the stories of Central Texas residents who are getting trained to occupy local high-demand jobs that pay livable wages. KLRU's American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), has joined forces with the leaders of the Austin Metro Area Master Community Workforce Plan to help move 10,000 local individuals out of poverty and into skilled professions by the close of 2020. We invite all viewers of these videos to share with people who may benefit from the information.

For more information, read KLRU's press release announcing the local launch of the initiative.

Local Partners

  • Workforce Solutions Capital Area
  • Austin Community College
  • Capital IDEA
  • Office of the Mayor of the City of Austin
  • University of Texas at Austin: Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources
  • Skillpoint Alliance
  • Travis County Judge’s Office

Jennifer Basaldua's Story
See how one person has changed their life through a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition (HVAC) technician certification program.


American Graduate: Cynthia
Cynthia, a single mom, has been living paycheck to paycheck after being laid off. But now she is taking steps to advance her career.


American Graduate: How to Become an Electrician
What does it take to become an electrician? Here are the steps from KLRU-TV, Austin PBS.


American Graduate: Crescent
Crescent was in and out of jail, doing drugs and hanging with the wrong crowd. Now he has made a big change in his life. Watch his story on overcoming hardship and starting anew.


American Graduate: Sheldon
After serving eight years in the U.S. Navy, Sheldon Simmons struggled to find a decent paying job. Sheldon describes the ups and downs in his journey of securing a tech job.



American Graduate: What's Your Dream Job?
Students in Austin, Texas discuss their dream jobs.



American Graduate: Austin Master Community Workforce Plan
Austin-area workforce development community based organizations, training providers, and employers created a Master Community Workforce Plan to help individuals living in poverty find a path to financial stability. By aligning education and training providers’ training programs with employers’ needs, this workforce plan will help 10,000 economically disadvantaged individuals secure middle-skill jobs by 2021.



American Graduate: Devin Hines
Devin Hines is a senior at Hays High School. He has a passion for welding and football. His goal is to start his own welding company!



American Graduate: Savannah
Savannah is a fifth year apprentice in Austin, Texas. She is an all star pipefitter, welder, and plumber. Her dream is to travel the world while working as a journeyman.



American Graduate: Judith
Judith, originally from Cameroon, moved to America with no job, three kids and big dreams. Watch her journey of how she landed her dream job in the healthcare industry.



American Graduate: Congressman Lloyd Doggett
Congressman Lloyd Doggett talks about the success of the American Graduate program.



American Graduate: Tracy
Tracy worked as a hairdresser for over 25 years. Now she's a licensed vocational nurse with plans to become a registered nurse.



American Graduate: Melissa
Melissa Martinez is a senior at LBJ High School. She is on the health care track and is an aspiring CNA.



American Graduate: Imari
Imari recently graduated with an associates in HVAC from Austin Community College (ACC). Eventually, he wants to start his own HVAC business and buy land for his family.


American Graduate: Stephanie
Stephanie, a junior in high school, is currently pursuing an electrical certification!


American Graduate: Getting Austin Talent to Work Special
American Graduate: Getting to Work is an initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The goal is to bring awareness to sustainable careers that do not require advanced degrees. The top three industries highlighted are tech, healthcare and skilled trades.


American Graduate: Leticia
Leticia Trujillo is a 23-year-old automotive service technician with big dreams. She graduated from Austin Community College with an associate's degree in Automotive Technology.


American Graduate: Ashlee
Her love of technology is helping her pursue her dreams. Discover how Ashlee is on track to become a network engineer through a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.


American Graduate: Jennifer
Jennifer Winkler is a dental hygienist. She graduated from Austin Community College with an Associate's in Dental Hygiene.

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