I Can’t Login into WorkinTexas (WIT). Help!Can You Help Me Find a Job?Where Can I Go to Get Help Finding a Job?Do You Offer Job Skills Training?What Training Programs Can You Help Pay For?What Do I Do If I’ve Been Laid-Off?Do You Offer Services for Individuals with Disabilities?Do You Work with Veterans?Can You Help Explain Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Requirements?Can You Help Me Find Qualified Candidates?Can You Help Me Train Employees?Who Can I Contact For Unemployment Insurance Information? Do You Offer Layoff Assistance?Do You Offer Additional Services?Is There a Waitlist for the Child Care Program?How Long Will It Take to Begin the Child Care Program? How Is Attendance Tracked and Payments to the Provider Handled? Why Must I Pay My Parent Share of Cost When My Child Is Absent? What Is the Parent Responsibility Agreement? What Income Do I Report When Applying or Re-certifying for Child Care? How Long Does My Eligibility for Child Care Continue? What Are the Consequences of Not Reporting All of My Income or Not Reporting Changes in My Income and Employment or Training Participation Within 10 Days? How Do I Become a Regulated Provider?I Have Become a Regulated Provider, But I Am Not Getting Children Referred to My Center. Why? I Have Just Been Chosen as a Child Care Provider. When Do I Get Paid? How Do I Receive Payment? Can I Use the Parent’s Swipe Card to Report the Child’s Attendance or Absences? How Do I Know If the Parents Are Properly Recording Their Children’s Attendance Each Day Using the Swipe Card? How Do I Get Answers to Questions About Problems I Have with the Point of Service (POS) Machines? As a Child Care Provider, Am I an Employee of Workforce Solutions Capital Area? How Do I Submit Changes to My Previously Submitted Provider Information?How Can I Get Help with Summer Employment? What If I Do Not Live in Travis County?I've Just Moved to Texas, Can I Attend Classes and Use the Computers at the Career Centers?

Workforce Solutions Capital Area is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available, upon request, to persons with disabilities. Relay Texas: 1.800.735.2989 (TDD) / 711 (Voice).

Equal Opportunity is the Law