Trade Up Texas

Trade Up Texas

Learn a Skill. Master a Trade.


Connect with Workforce Solutions Capital Area to learn about careers, salary ranges, training and education requirements and opportunities. With the right skills and education, your opportunities are limitless.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Austin residents working in skilled trades, and to raise awareness about the demand from businesses for occupations in skilled trades, Workforce Solutions Capital Area partnered with Texas Mutual and KVUE in December to launch Trade Up Texas, an awareness and career exploration campaign.

Through the end of May 2019, we’re telling the stories of Austinites leading productive lives through working in skilled trades with a series of six videos. Since launching in December 2018, Trade Up Texas has sparked interest across the state. More than 1,000 Texans have contacted us to learn about training and work opportunities as plumbers, welders, carpenters, electricians and more.



Trade Up Texas is supported by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, building a stronger, safer Texas.

Apprenticeship Showcase
Skilled trades and advanced manufacturing are key to Austin's economic success. Local businesses are demanding more workers to take roles in skilled trades, and many related occupations offer high wages and productive work. If you're interested in a skilled trade, then join us for the Apprenticeship Showcase event!

This free public event was on May 29 and 30, 2019. Couldn't make it? Watch this video from KVUE about the Apprenticeship Showcase!


Trade Up Texas: Rey's Story
Austin's economy demands more skilled tradespersons. Workers like Rey Gutierrez, a production manager with a background in the electrical industry, are building careers and raising families in Austin by working with their hands. Watch his story.  


Trade Up Texas: Savannah's Story
Austin resident Savannah is sharpening her skills as a plumber and welder, one of the thousands of middle-skill jobs that are key to Austin’s economic growth. Watch Savannah's story.


Trade Up Texas: Candice's Story
Candice Randolph began working in manufacturing with no skills or experience, but with on-the-job training she's become a skilled and productive logistics associate.



Trade Up Texas: Ricardo's Story
Ricardo wanted a career but wasn't ready for college. An apprenticeship program for electricians, with paid wages and classroom learning, was the valuable opportunity he was seeking. "I like to look good in other people's eyes," says Ricardo.  



Trade Up Texas: Angel's Story
For Angel, working as a flooring installer means seeing the fruits of his labor at the end of each work day. By learning as an apprentice, Angel found success without a four-year degree. Watch his story.  



Trade Up Texas: Chris' Story
After high school, Chris chose learning with his hands in Austin's skilled trades workforce. He completed a carpenter's apprenticeship and is a carpentry foreman today. Watch his story.



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