Do You Serve Individuals with Disabilities?

Workforce Solutions Capital Area is committed to providing employment-related services to all citizens of Travis County.

Read the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment for more information on ADA qualifications and rights.

Accessibility Tools

As part of our commitment to providing services to all Travis County citizens, we provide accessibility equipment in designated areas of our Career Centers assist people with disabilities in their employment search.

  • Reserved workstations at each Career Center
  • Closed-circuit televisions/Video Magnifiers
  • Relay Texas info: 1.800.735.2989 (TDD) / 711 (Voice) and IP Relay info
  • Wireless keyboards with extra-large character font and track-ball mice (available for check-out at the front desk)
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • A Reader, upon request
  • JAWS software
  • Zoomtext software
  • Accessible websites, including If you find part of our website is not accessible with your technology, please let us know by sending an email so you can be provided with the information in an alternative format.

All of WFS Capital Area’s services and programs are open to people with or without disabilities on a self-serve basis. Read our Career Center Overview.

Online Resources

WFS Capital Area is also proud to recognize several public and community organizations that provide helpful information and additional services for people with disabilities:

  • ARCIL, Inc. - ARCIL, Inc. (Austin Resource Center for Independent Living) provides independent living services to persons with disabilities, their families, and communities throughout Travis and surrounding counties.
  • Relay Texas - Relay Texas provides telephone interpreting service between people who can hear and those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled. TDD: 1.800.735.2989 / Voice: 1.800.735.2988
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides services for people with disabilities to help them prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment.

Another resource for people with disabilities is Speech-to-Speech (STS), a free telephone assistance service that helps people with speech disabilities who have difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone. The STS access number in Texas is 1.877.826.6607. To try STS or get more information, contact Dr. Bob Segalman at 800.854.7784.

Voluntary Disclosure for Specialized Services for People with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits employer-related inquiries as to whether or not an individual has a disability or to the nature and extent of such a disability before an official job offer has been made. ;However, other federal laws provide various benefits and services for people with disabilities, both veteran and non-veteran. Therefore, a service provider may ask you to disclose your disability; however, you have the right to choose whether or not to disclose this information. Should you wish to explore additional disability-related benefits and services, you must inform your Workforce Solutions representative. This is a voluntary disclosure and the disability information is not required for provision of general services. This information, and any disability-related information requested on, will not be shared with employers without your consent.

Workforce Solutions Capital Area - Career Center

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East Career Center

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South Career Center

Phone: 512.381.4200
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Workforce Solutions Capital Area is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available, upon request, to persons with disabilities. Relay Texas: 1.800.735.2989 (TDD) / 711 (Voice).

Equal Opportunity is the Law